Once qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), you’ll have the opportunity to join the Caledonian Learner Driver Training franchise. We will scale your franchise fees, making the first few months affordable until you start generating business.

You’ll continue your development with our own in-house trainers, improving your business skills, industry knowledge and coaching techniques to ensure you become one of the best ADIs in your area. This will help you charge rates above the industry average, and ensure your long term job satisfaction.

The vast majority of newly qualified ADIs take out a franchise. Some will always stay with the franchise, or will move to other franchises, while others will eventually want to take the plunge and go out on their own. If your goal is to become independent one day, we will help. Our job is not just to train you as an ADI – our job is to help you become a successful ADI, and if you eventually grow enough and want to leave the nest, you’ll go with our best wishes and advice. Our job will be done.

Watch a short video interview with Caledonian ADI Duncan Adams.